How To Reduce Hair Loss, Straight From the AAD!

How To Reduce Hair Loss, Straight From the AAD!

Hair loss is can be very stressful here are some tips Dr. Jackie recommends for helping you reduce how bad your hair loss gets straight from the AAD!

  1. Wash and condition your hair without traumatizing it. Hair that’s thinning or falling out is fragile and easily damaged. Here’s what dermatologists recommend for their patients who have hair loss:

2. Forgo hot-oil treatments. These heat up the hair, which further damages fragile hair.

3. Stop at-home coloring, perming, chemical straightening, and relaxing. If you want to use these, find a salon that specializes in the service you want and has professionals who know how to examine your scalp and hair in order to find the product most suitable for you. Make sure the salon uses a moisturizing conditioner afterward.

4. Limit your use of curling irons, flat irons, and hot combs, using one only on a special occasion, such as a wedding or job interview. These heat up your hair, which can weaken it.

5. Use the lowest heat setting on your blow-dryer. When possible, let your hair dry naturally rather than using a blow-dryer. To repeat, wrapping wet hair in a microfiber towel can help dry your hair more quickly.

6. Stop wearing your hair tightly pulled back in a bun, ponytail, pigtails, cornrows, or braids. Frequently wearing a hairstyle that pulls on your hair can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. In time, anything that pulls on your hair can cause permanent hair loss.

7. If you have a habit of twisting your hair around your finger or pulling on it, try to stop. These habits can further weaken already fragile hair, causing more hair loss.

8. Brush or comb your hair gently, and only enough to style it. Tugging on your hair while brushing or combing it can lead to hair loss.

9. If you smoke, stop. Smoking causes inflammation throughout the body, which can worsen hair loss.

10. Eat healthy. If you’re not getting enough of some nutrients, such as iron or protein, this can lead to hair loss.

11. Eating too few calories every day can also cause significant hair loss.

12. Before taking a supplement to grow your hair, find out whether you’re getting enough of certain vitamins or minerals. A blood test can tell you whether you’re not getting enough of certain nutrients.

It’s important to understand that the supplements you see advertised for hair growth are not regulated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness before they are sold. That responsibility lies with the company manufacturing the product.

If you decide to try supplements, understand that they can do more harm than good. Getting too much of certain nutrients (including selenium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E) has been linked to hair loss.

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