Cheek Contouring


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As an alternative to implantation of cheeks, filler enhancement is not only more desirable due to the opportunity to regain a natural cheek line and avoiding surgical problems such as scaring, general anesthesia, bruising and copious bleeding and hematomas over the face for weeks. The procedure is simple and can give the appearance of a facelift by raising the jowl, ablating parenthesis lines of the smile lines or nasolabial folds.

If the procedure is extended into the temples and in front of the ears, a true lift to the face can be obtained. As we age the temporal area loses fat and a skeletonized face becomes more obvious. Injecting in a bolus and then flattening the filler is an ideal way of treating the temporal area. Skeletal bone changes such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, collagen depletion, fat loss deflate and sag the face producing jowls. Further contouring of the jowl and jaw line will impart a LIQUID FACELIFT that may be enhanced further afterwards with a fractional laser treatment to impart and incredible natural rejuvenation. The area below the cheek bones and out of the flat plane of the face, known as the sub-malar area, fillers can be used to correct a hollow that occurs with age or disease. Many people who have a gaunt look can benefit from filler in this are for cheek hollow enhancement.

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