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Opt for Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement: The Benefits of Fillers Over Implants

For those seeking to restore youthful fullness to their cheeks, dermal fillers offer a more desirable alternative to traditional surgical implants. Non-surgical cheek enhancement using fillers provides an array of benefits, including a natural-looking cheek contour, and avoids potential complications associated with surgery such as scarring, general anesthesia, bruising, and excessive bleeding or hematomas.

This simple and minimally invasive procedure can create a facelift-like effect by lifting the jowls and softening smile lines or nasolabial folds. By extending the treatment into the temples and in front of the ears, you can achieve a true lift for a rejuvenated appearance. As we age, the temporal area loses fat, leading to a more skeletonized facial appearance. Strategic filler injections can combat this issue, restoring volume and creating a more youthful look.

Skeletal bone changes such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, collagen depletion, and fat loss contribute to facial sagging and the formation of jowls. Precise contouring of the jowl and jawline using fillers can result in a liquid facelift, which can be further enhanced with a subsequent fractional laser treatment for a truly remarkable and natural rejuvenation.

For individuals with hollow cheeks due to aging or other factors, fillers can be used to correct this issue in the sub-malar area, located below the cheekbones and outside the flat plane of the face. Those with a gaunt appearance can greatly benefit from this treatment, as it provides a fuller, more youthful look to the cheeks.

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