How does the liquid facelift work? Is there an age limit?

Various fillers are used to fill where collagen and volume are needed. This is also known as the Lunch Hour Facelift. Most of the time, this can be performed on anyone regardless of their medical problems. The fillers that are used in our office are made of natural substances compatible to the normal constituents of the skin. We do not promote synthetic fillers in our practice, only biodegradable. Side effects include bruising due to the tiny capillaries and blood vessels in the area of injection. Botox can be used to relax areas of tight muscle bands such as the glabella, forehead, and marionette lines and to raise the corners of the lips. We also do eyelifts and remove bumps on the nose as well as narrow wide bridges and raise the tip of the nose. The effect is seen immediately with the fillers. Neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin take a few days longer. There is minimal discomfort, as the patient is numbed. Most people go back to work after the procedure.
Our oldest patient is 86 years old. The youngest is 39. Patients can do as much or as little as they feel comfortable with at a time.

What can be expected from the Laser Cap?

It’s a safe and comfortable experience for those who don’t want to have a surgical procedure for hair growth. We use perscription low level light therapy to heal the follicle where hair growth occurs. Patients have to use the laser at home daily for a 7 minute period. It’s especially great for people who color their hair because harsh chemicals can weaken the roots. It does not work once all the hair follicles are dead. The quicker it is used, the better outcome the patient will see.

How does the vampire lift work?

The use of stem cells in plasma has become a popular way of treating aging. For instant results, we also use hyaluronic acid in combination, but not as much as when it is used as a single agent. A mattress of collagen grows within 3-6 months and wrinkles disappear. The procedure lasts anywhere from one year to 18 months depending on the amount of previous skin damage and care of the skin. Side effects are minimal discomfort and bruising.

What can I expect from non surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

The appearance of the inner lips and outer lips of the vagina are treated with plasma cells to rebuild collagen and hyaluronic acid so they look fuller and youthful. The inner part of the G-spot is treated for sensation enhancement and is pushed out to the patient’s desire. The final stage requires trying the procedure with your partner. If further enhancement is desired a 2nd or 3rd enhancement can be performed. As the G-spot is enhanced, your vaginal canal will be tighter and it will be easier to reach orgasm. Both partners will enhance their sexual experience. Should it ever be too tight, the procedure can be reversed in a few minutes. The mucosa is fully numbed with an anesthetic cream so there is no discomfort. The procedure is performed in a comfortable environment by Dr. Ginny Leva.

If I want to fix my nose, how long does it take and what down time can I expect?

There’s no downtime and bruising is rare. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. Most people need two sessions so the gel has time to harden and then a second layer can be applied. The patient can see improvement after the first treatment. This procedure lasts one year to 18 months.

I don’t want eye lift surgery because of the scars that are left behind. My plastic surgeon told me I may need to repeat the procedure in a few years, which would be another large expense. What can I expect from the non-surgical eye lift?

There is no scaring or stretching of the skin during this 20 minute procedure. It is also painless and does not require any down time. The procedure needs to be redone after the first year but the cost is so fractional compared to surgical lifting. Collagen production and hydration will enhance the quality of the skin around the eye. Both the lower and upper parts of the eye can be treated. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used and can last 1 year plus. If further enhancement is desired, 2-3 mm can be achieved with a neuromodulator above the lifting provided by the filler. This experience can make us look 5-8 years younger.

Is it possible to rejuvenate elbows?

Absolutely- just as we do our hands, neck, abdomen and knees. Pigmentation removal will need additional laser treatment but most of the time fillers are used to treat the laxity of the skin.

I don’t want huge lips. Mine are natural looking but I hate the lines that crowd them now. Can you do something?

Yes, we can help enhance your lips. The lines can be treated with a little bit of filler without enhancing volume. Because all of our fillers are natural substances, they can be reshaped further during a 2nd visit to our office anywhere they are placed!

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