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With the improving economy, men have the opportunity to seek out aesthetic procedures that have become very acceptable to society. There is no negative image when men want to look better. It’s a wonderful world that accepts all men into wanting fuller cheekbones, a more sculpted jaw line, or a more prominent chin. Whatever is their pleasure, be it liposuction to diminish gynecomastia or Botox for the lines of the forehead mixed in with filler, it’s available for the sophisticated man who wants to look better.

Finding the right aesthetic dermatology office is like finding the right cologne for yourself. Come in for a consult and know you can trust our expertise. We specialize in men’s Botox, filler for men, and laser treatments to enhance the image that you want. Men aesthetics is different than women because particular features are characteristic of beauty in a man, very different from that of a woman. A keen medical eye will place Belotero, Radiesse, or Juvederm in the right places of your face, in adequate quantities to give you a non surgical youthful but also natural look that fits your individual needs. We offer men a non surgical facelift that will be a secrete between you and the doctor. We are a medical office not a spa so our lasers and injectable are performed by the physician.

Men Deserve To Feel Confident In Their Own Skin

The emerging market for men who want to restore or preserve a youthful vital appearance in a very competitive world, where youth is looked up to, has brought men to the aesthetic office seeking renewal and improvement of their face and body. The men who come to my office typically prefer straight forward treatments with demonstrated results. Contemporary male patients have similar concerns as women, trying to maintain a natural outcome in whatever they chose to do.

Men who have aged know that they are getting older and have very realistic expectations of what to expect, sometimes even more so than women. Men might turn the corner after a birthday milestone and come in for advice on how they can age more gracefully. They are concerned about preserving their masculinity. Often their significant others have made them seek a consultation. Their wives or girlfriends have had a treatment with me and have sent them in my direction.


Gay Men Are Welcome At Leva Medical

Within the male aesthetic patients there is an increasing number of gay men seeking procedures. They are very particular about keeping up their looks. They are more compliant keeping their appointments for their treatments. In this increasingly metrosexual environment the lines between heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual blend. I am often not sure who is straight and who is gay, and sometimes I’m surprised when I find out who is what.

My gay men are very pleasant as they have a lighter attitude about things to some extent and they identify with women in a lot of ways and this makes them more open to change. They are intrigued and want advanced aesthetic dermatology treatments. Less invasive procedures, with low downtime, no pain and great results, all of the aspects of our office procedures, be it fillers, lasers or non invasive liposuction. Even as simple as Botox, why would I make them endure pain when an anesthetic cream will make the needle totally painless?

The transgender patient has benefited from improved techniques and technologies as well. A percentage of my patients are transgender and this population wants to be as sexy as they can and be able to pass for their elected sex when they go out. They have a totally different motivation and they know acceptance is much greater today in our society. I love to help them and they are very thankful and very kind. All they seek is acceptance for who they are.

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