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Aging affects many areas of the body, including the vagina and labia. Ginny Leva, MD, and Jacquelline Leva, DO, at Leva Medical offer vaginal revitalization treatments to improve vaginal appearance and health. To find out more about vaginal revitalization, schedule a consultation at the office in the Elmhurst neighborhood in the borough of Queens in New York City, by calling or booking online today.

Vaginal Revitalization Q & A

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization refers to cosmetic procedures and treatments that aim to improve the health and appearance of your genitalia. Pregnancy, childbirth, and aging affect your vaginal tissue, causing issues like tissue laxity, dryness, or a decrease in sensation.

These changes may affect your sexual health and intimate relationship. 

Leva Medical provides vaginal revitalization treatments to improve or restore the health and appearance of your intimate areas, boosting confidence and improving overall well-being.

What are vaginal revitalization treatments?

Leva Medical uses many innovative tools and therapies for vaginal revitalization. Treatments include:

CO2 laser vaginal skin tightening

CO2 laser vaginal skin tightening is a painless and minimally invasive procedure that aims to improve vaginal tissue health. The laser wand heats the vaginal tissue, stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that keeps your vaginal tissue strong and elastic.

The laser also improves circulation to the vagina, providing your tissue with nutrients and moisture to improve overall tissue health.

G-spot injections with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP is a blood product made from a sample of your blood that has a high concentration of platelets and growth factors. Platelets and growth factors activate your body’s natural healing process.

For women with a low libido, Leva Medical may recommend G-spot injections with PRP. The healing properties in the PRP increases circulation to the area and may stimulate production of new nerves, improving sensation.

G-spot PRP injections may also tighten the vaginal opening.

Though results vary, many women report improvements in libido and orgasms following their G-spot injections with PRP.

Nanofat injections into the labia majora

The labia majora are the outer vaginal lips. Aging may cause the skin of your labia majora to thin and sag.

Leva Medical performs nanofat injections into the labia majora to restore lost volume, strengthening and lifting the tissue.

Natural hormone replacement

For women with a hormonal imbalance, Leva Medical offers natural hormone replacement therapy with BioTE®. Estrogen maintains vaginal health and production decreases in the years leading up to menopause.

Natural hormone replacement with estrogen restores hormone balance, improving vaginal health.

Am I a candidate for vaginal revitalization?

Schedule a consultation at Leva Medical to see if you’re a candidate for any of their vaginal revitalization treatments. If you have vaginal laxity, dryness, or a low libido, Leva Medical may be able to help.

To learn more about vaginal revitalization at Leva Medical, call the office or book online today.